Thursday, May 29, 2008


I found this web challenge very interesting well most of it. Some wasn't all that interesting and I thought it very confusing for me. Since I'm an adult page some was very confusing and there wouldn't be any need to try some of it.
My favorite was world cat and found books that my Great-Grandfather had published and one I never knew about so that really held my interest.
Flicker was a nice thing to learn and the use of the camera.
It was interesting to learn the different tools since I don't own a computer this was big help for me.I found several web sites that I didn't know excited.
If I win the mp3 player then I will listen to the audio book that I found.


I searched for Debbie Macomber looked for what was available and chose Susans Garden. I clicked to cart proceeded to check out and logged in my library card number,confirmed check out and then checked download because overdrive was already installed on computer. I found there were 8 parts to mine and took over an hour to download this.I don't usualy listen to books but it is useful to know how to do this for future use.


powered by ODEO

I found this was very slow when I tried to download a podcast it just didn't work.
I typed in knitting first and nothing happened so I then switched to the tv show "Lost" and basicly ran into the same trouble. However after several seconds that did show up and then was very slow again to show me information.
I will not use this again it was very disappointing for me.


I looked for "Captain Video" on yu tube and found what I was looking for.
I was surprised to actually find something on that show since it was one I would watch when I was a child.
It's nice to know there are somethings from our past that are still out there that bring back happy memories for us.
All I did was type in the title and there it was.
This is very helpful to the library since you can put programs on it. I looked at the one from the show that had the actor on it that was done by the library and it was interesting to me.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I looked at Zillow the realestate web site. I typed in my address and found the wrong information about it. It actually came up on the wrong street and then I went over one block and there was nothing about it. I knew where my house was but as far as visual info there really isn't any.
This was dis for me.appointing


This is a terriffic idea and a great money saver for everyone. I think several people will find this very useful and it will cut down on the cost .


Played in the sandbox and left a little dirt.
This would be good for us to have a training manual for our shelvers so there would be less confusion when some of us are leaving and new ones joining our team.
I thought this was very useful site.